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As far as 10s and 4s, I think I can illustrate things a little more clearly: Let's just say (arbitrarily) that there are ten characteristics that people look for in a mate (they're different for men and women, but each sex has ten.) Each of these characteristics is rated from 0 to 10, so everybody has a total aggregate score, and individual scores. Let's pick a couple of traits women look for in men — money and looks. We have two guys, A and B. A is 7 looks, 4 money and B is 4 looks and 7 money. Even though these two guys have set scores, their value is going to be somewhat subjective. Suzy has a rich daddy and doesn't have to worry about ever going hungry. She's more interested in finding a looker, so A is the guy that's more attractive to her. Sally grew up poor and is scraping by, so B is more attractive to her.

So yes, it's true that 10s marry 10s, for the most part, but where the wiggle room comes in is that there are different 10s… looks, money, stability, reliability, compassion, sexual compatibility, etc, etc. So occasionally you'll see a looks 10 with a looks 7, but let's be honest… you're almost never going to see a 10 with a 2 unless it's a serious sugar daddy situation. We tend to mate within a notch or two of our own looks. Finally, we tend to mate close to our own aggregate score, too. That is, when we add all ten scores for Suzy's mating value, she gets a 65. Suppose she is a 7 looks and chooses a 5 looks guy… that's all well and good, but the guy she picks is probably going to also have close to a 65 aggregate score. We can look at her and say, “Wow, she could have married a more attractive man,” but when we look at it, we'll realize he makes up for his looks with humor, money, and compassion, and overall, he has about as many strong qualities as she does.
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